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The Game

It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ is a card game that centers around the art of storytelling and its unique ability to bring people together—with a competitive twist. (It is a game after all). The end goal is to share your most embarrassing, hilarious, or moving stories to take home the win. The game makes conversation easy, builds deeper connections, and allows you to skip the small talk. It is perfect for: game nights, vacations, parties, family reunions, etc.


"Absolutely love this game!

This game is not only hilarious and super fun, but is really different than any other game I’ve played recently. It creates such great conversation to bring out new stories with old friends or to get to know new friends better."


"The new game night classic!

I come from a family of board and card gamers and I can say without a doubt, this is my new go-to game! A great game to get to know your long time loved ones - and new friends - even better while laughing and having a great time."


"This game is so f— funny.

With the right group of friends you’ll be laughing your ass off — or with a group of coworkers who you’ve only *met* via Zoom, this game slaps just as hard."

How to Play

The game is simple. Players take turns drawing from a deck with—you guessed it, story prompts. Reading each out loud they can choose to share a story or skip. But, be careful, with every skip also comes the risk for another player to jump in and claim points. First to seven points takes home the win and a round of applause (second part is optional). The game contains 320 cards in a customizable deck complete with removable R-Rated cards to keep things PG—or not.

To view the full rules, go here.


We have loved creating this game and seeing how it has transformed our players’ game nights. We think the fun, colorful design and message of It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ would be perfect for your shelves.

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    - Robert, Joe, + Josh