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We created It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ way back in 2018 before any sign of a global pandemic, mask mandates or a nationwide quarantine. So, let’s all agree we could really use some candid, laugh-till-you-pee-a-little, friends-that-are-basically-family entertainment. Or, at the very least, we can all agree that 2020 alone has given us all stories to last a lifetime.


In November 2020 we started a campaign on Kickstarter because it was the fastest way we could get this game printed, produced, shipped, and in your hands so you can laugh out of your mouths and cry out of your eyes, or vice versa. After successfully raising $18,000 towards our first print, we were able to pull the trigger and make It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ a reality. 


 — The It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ team (Rob, Joe + Josh)