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It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ is a 320-card party game that centers around the art of storytelling and its unique ability to bring people together—with a competitive twist. (It is a game after all). The end goal is to share your most embarrassing, hilarious, or moving stories to take home the win.

To view the full rules, go here.

If you can't keep your friends in one place, go here to see modified rules for playing online.



To begin each player is given two Hear Me Out Cards and one Nope Card. The rest of the cards are placed in a deck face down next to Take a Chance Cards.




The player whose birthday is next gets an early present of drawing the first card from the deck. Reading the card aloud, they can then decide to share a story or skip.




Unless they pull a Point a Finger, Left or Right or Everybody Answers card. In that case everyone follows the prompt, awards the point and moves to the next player’s turn.




When a player chooses to share a story, another player can use their Hear Me Out Card to try and top it. After all stories are shared, all players vote on who gets the card earning the points. First to seven points takes home the win and a round of applause.*



Trying to keep this PG? All our decks are customizable with Rated-R cards that can be removed if your mom wants in on the fun. (Or keep them, your call).

Now that that’s out of the way, are YOU ready to lay all your cards on the table?