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Online Rules

It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ can very easily be played online with a few modifications to the full rules when your group can’t meet face to face. The online rules have been slightly reworded to fit virtual play and along with the following tips, we hope your online experience is as fun and exciting as our in-person game.

Whoever owns the game will act as the “gamemaster” and will draw/read cards for each person, tally scores, and keep the game moving. The gamemaster should grab a piece of paper and include the following on it:


A Scorecard to keep track of everyone's points, Hear Me Out Cards, and Take a Chance Cards.


 Player Points

Hear Me Out Cards Remaining

Rob 0 2
Joe 0 2
Josh 0 2
Liza 0 2


A Seating Chart so everyone knows who would be on either side of them as if the group were seated around a table.




  1. The "gamemaster" should Separate the Hear Me Out, Take a Chance, and Nope Cards from the rest of the deck.
  2. The "gamemaster" should create a scorecard and write each player’s name and give them two Hear Me Out Cards. This will also double as the seating chart.
  3. Shuffle the remaining cards to create a draw pile.
  4. Place the Take a Chance Cards face up next to the draw pile.
  5. Each player should create scraps of paper with each player’s name on it (including themselves) as well as a paper with “Nope” written on it. See: Voting
  6. Whoever’s birthday is next goes first.


  1. The "gamemaster" should draw a card from the top of the deck and read it out loud for the player whose turn it is.
  2. Follow the instructions based on the card type.
  3. The winning player adds the card and its points to a win pile in front of them.
  4. Play passes to the left of the player who drew the card.
  5. First player to 7 points wins.


Story Card (2 Points)

The player who draws this card answers the prompt. If no other player challenges their story (see: Hear Me Out Card), they add the card to their win pile. Otherwise, follow Hear Me Out Card voting rules.

If the player does not connect with a Story Card, they may skip it and draw again from the top of the deck. Any player may pick up a skipped Story Card and hold onto it for their next turn. They must answer this Story Card instead of drawing from the deck on their turn.

If multiple players want the same skipped Story Card, the player with the least amount of points gets priority. If there is a tie, play rock, paper, scissors (go on “shoot!”).


The following cards may not be skipped if drawn from the deck:

Left or Right (1 Point)

The player who draws this card must decide if the player on their left or right best fits the card. The selected player adds the card to their win pile.

Point A Finger (1 Point)

On the count of three, every player votes on who best fits the card. The player with the most votes adds the card to their win pile.

Everybody Answers (1 Point)

Every player briefly answers the card. The player with the best response, voted by the group, adds the card to their win pile.



On the count of three, everybody holds up a piece of paper with the name of the person they think should win the card to their camera. Players may vote for themselves for any card in which they are in the running to win.

In the event of a tie, the players with the most votes have 30 seconds each to argue why they deserve the card. Everybody votes again for the tied players only.

If there is still a tie, players play rock, paper, scissors.



Hear Me Out Card

Think you have your own hot take on another player’s Story Card?

After a Story Card is answered, a player may discard one of their Hear Me Out Cards to tell their own experience based on the story prompt. Afterwards, players vote on who wins the Story Card and the two points. Multiple players may use a Hear Me Out Card on the same Story Card.

Take a Chance Card (-1 Point)

Used all your Hear Me Out Cards, but just KNOW you’ve got the winning story? If a player is out of Hear Me Out Cards, they may add a Take a Chance Card to their win pile to tell their ultimate hot take on the current Story Card. Follow normal Hear Me Out Card voting rules to declare the winner of the card.

When adding up a player’s points, subtract one from their final score for each Take a Chance Card in their win pile. No risk, no reward, people.

STRATEGY TIP — If you win the vote after using a Take a Chance Card, you will only net one point towards your total, but that one point may just be enough to drive you over that finish line and win.

Nope Card*

It is important that It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ is actually fun for all players. So, we’ve got a card to keep it that way.

Meet the Nope Card. Since life experiences vary from player to player, this card exists to protect each other from topics that could make anyone's gameplay less than ideal.

If a card topic or another player's story makes anyone uncomfortable in any way, they may hold up their Nope Card to immediately end the conversation on the current topic and move on to the next card without penalty for the current player’s turn.

This card is not to be used in a competitive nature and exists solely to ensure the game's environment remains safe and engaging for all players.


Full Game

7 points Ideal for 4-7 players

Icebreaker Game

5 points Ideal for 8+ players

Pre Game

Play until your pizza is delivered. Whoever has the most points wins Ideal for any player size

For the full rules including game variants and an FAQ go here